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CISO Series Turns 3!

Tomorrow will be the third anniversary of the CISO Series, a media network I launched targeting the cybersecurity industry. We launched with one show three years ago and today we have five shows (four weekly and one daily).

In our three years we’ve published the following:

  • 1,000 blog posts (Yep, hit that perfect number on the head with this post.)
  • 328 episodes of Cyber Security Headlines
  • 160 episodes of CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Podcast
  • 134 episodes of Defense in Depth
  • 68 live episodes of CISO Series Video Chat
  • 299 videos

And we did it with our amazing crew and support from our audience and 138 sponsors.

We’re celebrating this all with you tonight with all my CISO co-hosts and you. We’ve got some really fun games planned for you. Please join us. It all kicks off at 4pm PT/7 pm ET. Register here and join us.


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