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Defense in Depth: Securing the Super Bowl and Other Huge Events

How do cybersecurity professionals secure a huge event like the Olympics, the Superbowl, or a city’s New Year’s Eve party? What are the unique considerations that come into play?

Check out this post for the basis for our conversation on this week’s episode which features me, David Spark (@dspark), producer of CISO Series, co-host Geoff Belknap (@geoffbelknap), CISO, LinkedIn, and our guest Tomás Maldonado (@tomas_mald), CISO, NFL

Thanks to this week’s podcast sponsor, Lepide

Ninety eight percent of all threats start with Active Directory and nearly always involve the compromise of data stored on enterprise data stores. Lepide’s unique combination of detailed auditing, anomaly detection, real time alerting, and real time data discovery and classification allows you to identify, prioritize and investigate threats – fast.

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In this episode

  • Protecting large events starts long before, like years before
  • How threat actors targeting events differ from than those targeting companies
  • It’s not just the target – there’s also public safety
  • When it goes live, it GOES LIVE

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