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Five best moments from “Hacking Active Directory” – CISO Series Video Chat

Here are five of our best moments from CISO Series Video Chat “Hacking Active Directory: An hour of critical thinking on securing the ‘keys to the kingdom.’”

Our guests for this discussion were:

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Best Bad Ideas

Congrats to Brian Colt, information security engineer, DASH Financial Technologies for winning this week’s Best Bad Idea.

Other honorable mentions go to:

“Print out copies of your entire AD and distribute it to all employees. That way if AD ever gets compromised, employees have a physical copy to go to look up employee info.” – Fred Gruhn, director, security and compliance, SMG – Service Management Group

“Rename Active Directory as Static Directory.” – Craig Hurter, director security operations, Colorado Governor’s Office of Information Technology

“Give all users Domain Administrators to save money on IT Help Desk costs.” – Jeff Baldwin, cybersecurity architect, Leidos

“Eliminate AD and instead use a physical telephone switchboard and staffed by the CEO’s teenage children as operators.” – Dutch Schwartz, principal security specialist, AWS

“Don’t use any default attributes, put everything in non-standard or extension attributes. That way you’ll just confuse the attackers.” – Matthew Thomson, principal consultant, cybersecurity, Core BTS

Unique Tip

“No users in Enterprise Admins and only 1-2 in Domain Admins. Properly assign/segment permissions. Use a password management/vault system.” – Matthew Thomson, principal consultant, cybersecurity, Core BTS

“Use the Protected Users group for your privileged accounts.” – Jason Dance, systems architect, Greenwich Associates

Quotes from the chatroom

“Automation as much as possible for IAM. HR should manage people and roles.” – Matthew Thomson, principal consultant, cybersecurity, Core BTS


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