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Get Ready for the Next Two Levels of Ransomware Attacks

The scary part of ransomware attacks is they’re not standing still. No longer are the attackers happy to just encrypt your data and get your money from that.

The next two phases, which we’re seeing now is the attackers are making copies of your data and threatening to release it and to sell it to third parties.

We need new kinds of defenses to handle these new threats from ransomware. Keyavi Data CEO, Elliot Lewis (@elliotdlewis) and I chat about this and tease our upcoming video chat this Friday (October 22nd, 2021) entitled, “Hacking Ransomware: An hour of critical thinking of how to combat a really hard to stop attack.”

Also joining us will be Dan Walsh, CISO, VillageMD.

Register for this Friday’s [10-22-21] video chat. It all starts at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET.

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